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Make the most out of your day in Bhurban by braving heart-stopping adventures and challenges! Leave the clear, blue waters and reach for the sky by taking on two thrilling activities: rock climbing and ziplining.

There are beautiful panoramic view of mountains. You will go in control speed lines, high-speed lines, between trees, over the canopy level of the trees…, come and enjoy a unique experience for your unique life! After the zipline experience, you will enjoy a rock climbing wall of 30ft. tall, with 3 different levels of difficulty. You can enjoy it alone or as a challenge with your friends!

rock climbing3
rock climbing2

Participation Requirements

Participants must be in reasonably good health. People with conditions such as high blood pressure, seizure disorders, pulmonary problems (including asthma), coronary disease, muscle-skeletal problems, back/neck/shoulder pain, problems with balance, and some psychological and psychiatric problems (such as panic of altitudes) should avoid going through the zip line experience in order to avoid getting hurt, worsening their condition, or becoming a danger to others. This tour is not recommended for persons who are pregnant.


  • Participants must be able to see, listen, understand, and follow Himalaya Villa’s staff instructions, including the safety rules.
  • Participants must not weigh more than 125 Kgs and must be able to fit into the harness, helmet, and all required equipment.
  • Participants should also be capable of moving manually across the cable to arrive at the next platform, if necessary.
  • Participants should be able to stand on a platform (4 feet by 8 feet minimum), at a maximum height of 50 feet, without hyperventilating, vomiting, or fainting.
  • Intoxicated persons should not participate. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone for safety reasons.